K-POP studio for beginners and all K-POP lovers.

our K-POP studio"NEXTinDANCE" has many options for begiiners and kids. We encourage the people who want to start taking dance classes to be like their favorite artist. Our instructors, who are among the best in the industry, provide lessons that are easy to understand and detailed even for beginners. For advanced dancers, we also offer classes that pursue the fine details of K-pop idols, and choreography classes by our choreographers. We have a full range of lessons to meet the needs of everyone from beginners to advanced dancers, from those who just want to dance as a hobby to those who are serious about becoming an idol.

Academy specializing in training for those who want to become global idols

NiD Academy" operated by NEXTinDANCE has produced 4 members, Nagomi Hiyajo, Wakana Yamauchi, Ayaka Fujimoto, and Ayana Kuwabara, for Girls Planet 999, a project to debut a global girl group. Academy course is a one-year training program in which students acquire the skills necessary to become an artist. We offer dance lesssons, vocal training in Korean, make up lessons, body making...etc by NEXTinDANCE's team of highly qualified instructors.

A school where students can earn a high school diploma while training to become a global artist

The Global Artist Course offers a daily practice program that is the same as that of a trainee at a Korean entertainment agency. The course is designed to develop global entertainment talents who can be successful as trainees in the real world. The Dance Master Course is designed to educate students to create choreographies and compositions, edit music, plan lighting, and other creative skills necessary for being a successful dancer.

Access Map

東京都渋谷区渋谷1-26 MIYASHITA PARK South 3F